Posted On: Nov 18, 2022

AWS Amplify is announcing a developer preview to expand Flutter support to Web and Desktop for the API, Analytics, and Storage use cases. Developers can now build cross-platform Flutter apps with Amplify that target iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) using a single codebase. Combined with the Authentication preview that was previously released, developers can now build cross-platform Flutter applications that include REST API or GraphQL API to interact with backend data, analytics to understand user behavior, and storage for saving and retrieving files and media.

This developer preview version was written fully in Dart, allowing developers to deploy their apps to all target platforms currently supported by Flutter. Amplify Flutter is designed to provide developers with consistent behavior, regardless of the target platform. With these feature sets now available on Web and Desktop, Flutter developers can build experiences that target the platforms that matter most to their customers.

You can also check our detailed blog post for more details. You can use our our documentation to get started with building cross-platform Flutter apps with AWS Amplify, join our discord server, or leave feedback on the Amplify Flutter Github repo.