Posted On: Nov 21, 2022

Starting today, AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On) customers can manage the session duration (between 15 mins and 7 days) for AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) and SDKs sessions. With this release, when you set access portal session duration for your organization in IAM Identity Center, it also applies to AWS CLI and SDKs sessions in addition to application and console sessions.

Prior to this release, the AWS CLI and SDKs session limit was eight (8) hours. Now, you can choose a longer session so that you can run your jobs for a longer duration without re-authentication, and avoid abrupt termination of long running jobs. Alternatively, you can also shorten your session limit based on your organization’s security or compliance requirements. To enable session management feature for AWS CLI and SDKs, you will need to upgrade your AWS CLI and SDKs to minimum supported version. To learn more about session management features, please refer to the documentation here.