Posted On: Nov 28, 2022

Amazon EKS customers can now find and deploy third-party operational software to their EKS clusters through the EKS console or using CLI, eksctl, AWS APIs, or infrastructure as code tools such as AWS CloudFormation and Terraform. Customers can choose between commercial, free, or packaged open source software that address use cases like monitoring, security, storage, and use the same simple commands they use today to deploy EKS add-ons to deploy these third party software. This helps EKS customers reduce time required to find, subscribe to, and deploy third party software, helping customers set up production-ready EKS clusters in minutes.

Third-party container software is sourced from AWS Marketplace which continually scans software for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), and validates the software to work on EKS clusters. Customers are presented with software versions that are compatible with their Kubernetes versions. Moreover, selecting products from the EKS console will provide customers the same benefits as any other product in AWS Marketplace, including consolidated billing, flexible payment options, and lower pricing for long-term contracts. Through this feature, customers can now automate deployments to create EKS clusters and include third-party software from AWS Marketplace, enabling customers to set up production-ready EKS clusters in minutes. Post deployment, customers will receive notifications when new versions of software are available to upgrade, helping ensure that customers are running the latest patches. 

At launch you can deploy software from leading providers such as Kubecost, Dynatrace, Upbound, Tetrate, Teleport, Factor House, and others. As the catalog expands, click here to see all third party operational software available on the EKS console today. To learn more, read the AWS News Blog.