Posted On: Nov 27, 2022

We are excited to launch delegated administrator for AWS Organizations to help you delegate the management of your Organizations policies, enabling you to govern your AWS organization and member accounts with increased agility and decentralization. You can now allow individual lines of business, operating in member accounts, to manage policies specific to their needs. By specifying fine-grained permissions, you can balance flexibility with limiting access to your highly privileged management accounts.

You can use AWS Organizations to centrally manage and govern multiple accounts with AWS. As you scale operations and need to manage more accounts within AWS Organizations, implementing and scaling policy administration requires coordination between multiple teams, and can take more time. You can now delegate the management of policies to designated member accounts that are known as delegated administrators for AWS Organizations. You can select any policy type — backup policies, service control policies (SCPs), tag policies, and AI services opt-out policies — and specify permissible actions. Once delegated access, users with the right permissions can go to the AWS Organizations console, see and manage policies that they have permissions for, and create their own policies.

The new delegation feature is generally available in all commercial AWS Regions. To learn more, go to Delegated administrator for AWS Organizations user guide.