Posted On: Nov 16, 2022

AWS Proton now allows customers to specify custom commands used to provision infrastructure from their templates, enabling them to manage templates defined using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and other templating and provisioning tools through Proton. Platform engineers use Proton to define and keep infrastructure updated that developers can provision using a self-service interface. Now, platform engineers can define standardized infrastructure using CDK, in addition to the already supported AWS CloudFormation and Terraform.

AWS Proton is a managed service for platform engineers to increase the pace of innovation in their organization by defining, vending, and maintaining infrastructure templates for self-service deployments. With Proton, customers can standardize centralized templates to help them meet security, cost, and compliance goals. Proton helps platform engineers scale up their impact with a self-service model, resulting in higher velocity for the development and deployment process throughout an application lifecycle.

AWS Proton supports CDK through a new feature called CodeBuild provisioning. Customers can use CodeBuild provisioning to execute commands to provision infrastructure, including, but not exclusive to, CDK commands. With CodeBuild provisioning, platform engineers provide Proton with the commands that define their custom logic for provisioning the infrastructure in a particular template. This allows platform engineers to specify how CDK or their tool of choice is going to run. For example, one team might use CodeBuild provisioning to provision the infrastructure by running cdk deploy, while another might choose to synthesize a CloudFormation template using cdk synth and then deploy it with CloudFormation using cfn create-stack. Another customer might use CodeBuild provisioning to run Terraform, by installing Terraform and then executing terraform apply. When using codeBuild provisioning, Proton uses AWS CodeBuild to execute the commands provided by the customer in the order they were given.

To learn more about how to use Proton with CDK, see examples here. To learn more about CodeBuild provisioning and see other examples, check out our documentation here.