Posted On: Dec 7, 2022

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect now provides APIs that enable you to programmatically manage rules for Contact Lens’ conversational analytics and third party applications (e.g., Salesforce etc.). Rules allow you to automatically categorize contacts, send notifications about customer escalations, and assign tasks when a new case is created in your third party application. 

Using the Rules APIs, you can now create new rules, search for specific rules, and update or delete an existing rule without requiring to use the Connect UI. For example, you can now use the CreateRule API to configure a new rule that can alert supervisors in real-time when customer sentiment turns negative on a call with an agent. Additionally, to simplify and automate the setup of these APIs, Rules APIs also provides support for AWS CloudFormation. 

Rules APIs are available in all AWS regions where Contact Lens for Amazon Connect is offered. There is no charge to use these APIs. To learn more about the Rules APIs, see the API reference guide, the admin guide, and the blog post.