Posted On: Jan 30, 2023

AWS Outposts rack local gateway now supports Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) prefix lists, simplifying management of your routing policies to connect to your on-premises network.

AWS Outposts rack, a part of the AWS Outposts family, is a fully managed service that offers the same AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any on-premises data center or co-location space for a truly consistent hybrid experience. Each Outpost provides a local gateway that allows you to connect your Outpost resources with your on-premises networks. Prefix lists allow you to group one or more CIDR blocks into a single object. You can group CIDRs that you frequently use in a prefix list, and reference this list as a route target in your local gateway route table. Previously, you needed to add individual routes when scaling your network to add a new CIDR block, which could be time-consuming and error-prone. Now you can update the relevant prefix list by adding or removing CIDR blocks and all routes in the local gateway route table referencing the prefix list are automatically updated. As you scale your network, prefix lists can help simplify management of your local gateway on your Outpost.

VPC prefix lists for Outposts rack local gateway are available via the Amazon VPC Console or the Outpost local gateway API in all AWS Regions where AWS Outposts rack is available. There is no additional charge for using prefix lists with AWS Outposts rack. To get started with AWS Outposts rack, please see the AWS Outposts rack product page and service documentation.