Posted On: Jan 30, 2023

Bottlerocket, a Linux-based operating system that is purpose built to host container workloads, now supports network bonding and VLAN tagging when used with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Anywhere (Amazon EKS Anywhere) bare metal deployments. The added functionality allows customers using Bottlerocket on bare metal to avoid a single point of failure in the network stack and improves network performance.

Network bonding is a process of combining two or more network devices to act as one network interface. This process can improve network performance and availability because there is now more than one interface available to communicate. Bonding interfaces together is a common strategy to provide high availability for bare metal servers. VLAN tagging adds the ability to use the same network hardware but logically separates networks based upon VLAN tags.

Network bonding is available on Bottlerocket versions starting from 1.12.0 when used with Amazon EKS Anywhere. Please refer to the Bottlerocket documentation to learn more about using network bonding and VLAN tagging with Bottlerocket. You can learn more about Bottlerocket by visiting the AWS product page and the Bottlerocket GitHub repository. For support, please contact the Bottlerocket team through your designated AWS representative or by opening a new issue on GitHub.