Posted On: Feb 3, 2023

The Amazon Chime SDK now provides a native client library for Windows applications to connect to WebRTC media sessions. The Amazon Chime SDK lets developers add intelligent real-time audio, video, and screen share to their web, mobile applications, and now, Windows applications.  

The Windows client library builds on the C++ signaling client library by including a pre-compiled WebRTC implementation for Windows. So now, developers do not have to select, build and test a WebRTC library for their application. Developers still retain access to the audio and video frames for low-level integrations with microphone, speaker, and video devices.

You can use the Windows client library to connect to a WebRTC media session hosted in any available Amazon Chime SDK Region, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

To learn more about the Amazon Chime SDK and the Windows client library, review the following resources: