Posted On: Feb 28, 2023

Today, we launched Autocomplete suggestions for AWS Marketplace search. With this feature, users that visit the AWS Marketplace website or console would get search suggestions within the search bar as they type. User queries show up as bolded prefixes within the Autocomplete suggestions which they can select to complete their query and see the results on the main results page. The suggestions are sorted by relevance and tells what’s available, how to spell difficult terms, and what others are searching for.

Autocomplete suggestions minimizes the number of characters a user has to type, thus reducing the potential for errors and gets the searchers to the detail page quicker. Autocomplete suggestions will help users save time by helping them refine their search to create better queries and get better results, without having to look at the main search results. Autocomplete suggestions assure users that they are on the right track with the products that are available within the AWS Marketplace catalog so that users can continue to build additional queries upon these suggestions.

To get started with Autocomplete suggestions, please navigate to the AWS Marketplace website or AWS Marketplace console.