Posted On: Feb 9, 2023

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 7 now includes enhanced I/O multiplexing, which delivers significant improvements to throughput and latency at scale. Enhanced I/O multiplexing is ideal for throughput-bound workloads with multiple client connections, and its benefits scale with the level of workload concurrency. As an example, when using r6g.xlarge node and running 5200 concurrent clients, you can achieve up to 72% increased throughput (read and write operations per second) and up to 71% decreased P99 latency, compared with ElastiCache for Redis 6.

For throughput-bound workloads with multiple client connections, network I/O processing can become a limiting factor in the ability to scale. Since March 2019, ElastiCache for Redis optimizes compute utilization by handling network I/O on dedicated threads, allowing the Redis engine to focus on processing commands. With this launch, each dedicated network I/O thread pipelines commands from multiple clients into the Redis engine, taking advantage of Redis' ability to efficiently process commands in batches.

Enhanced I/O multiplexing is automatically available when using ElastiCache for Redis 7, in all AWS regions, and at no additional cost. No application or service configuration changes are required to use ElastiCache for Redis enhanced I/O multiplexing. For more information, see our blog post and documentation. To get started, create a new cluster or upgrade to Redis 7 using the AWS Management Console.