Posted On: Mar 1, 2023

Starting today, Amazon Neptune Serverless has lowered its minimum scaling requirements to 1 Neptune Capacity Unit (NCU) from 2.5 NCUs. This brings down the cost of running Neptune Serverless by reducing the resources used by up to 2.5X when the graph database is not actively responding to user queries. With a 1 NCU minimum, you could save on your graph database by using Neptune Serverless.

Amazon Neptune Serverless allows you to run and instantly scale graph workloads, without the need to manage and optimize capacity. Neptune Serverless automatically determines and provisions the compute and memory resources to run the graph database, and scales capacity based on the workload’s changing requirements to maintain consistent performance. For example, Neptune Serverless automatically provisions and adjusts resources required to run a fraud graph as the query volumes processed vary. Neptune Serverless reduces costs by up to 90% compared with provisioning for peak capacity. With Neptune Serverless, you only pay for the database capacity you consume, making it cost effective for unpredictable workloads with long off-peak times and sudden bursts of activity. You can start with Neptune Serverless without any upfront investment.

Neptune Serverless is currently available in 12 AWS Regions. For pricing, please visit the Neptune pricing page. You can create a Neptune Serverless cluster from the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or SDK. To learn more about Neptune Serverless visit the Amazon Neptune User Guide. You can also use the AWS pricing calculator to estimate your savings from using Neptune Serverless.