Posted On: Mar 16, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams that enables AWS customers to securely monitor their AWS resources, and respond to operation events in their AWS infrastructure from Microsoft Teams channels where their entire team can quickly review, collaboratively diagnose, and securely run common DevOps commands.

Customers can now use AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams to implement ChatOps for AWS in their Microsoft Teams channels. Customers can set up Microsoft Teams channels to receive notifications from any of the 200+ AWS services that publish to Amazon CloudWatch or Amazon Simple Notification Service. Customers can retrieve diagnostic information, configure AWS environments, and take actions to remediate incidents without switching away from their Teams channels.

To enable notifications, customers subscribe their Microsoft Teams channels to SNS topics or CloudWatch Events in AWS Chatbot. When an alarm or an event occurs, AWS Chatbot delivers the notification directly to the subscribed Microsoft Teams channel. Microsoft Teams channel members can also run AWS CLI commands to diagnose issues and configure AWS resources by tagging the AWS Chatbot in the channel.

Get started with AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams by visiting the AWS Chatbot console and installing the AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams from Microsoft Teams app at no additional cost. AWS Chatbot is available in all public AWS regions and you pay only for the underlying AWS services that you use. To learn more, visit the AWS Chatbot Getting Started Guide documentation or the AWS News blog.