Posted On: Mar 6, 2023

Starting today, AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces supports creating refactor environments without an AWS Transit Gateway based network bridge. This feature lets you safely and incrementally refactor your application while using your existing network infrastructure. You can now create refactor environments with your network infrastructure in minutes while benefiting from Refactor Spaces’ orchestration and management of policies, routing, API Gateway, and Network Load Balancer.

Refactor Spaces reduces the undifferentiated heavy lifting of building and operating the AWS infrastructure necessary for incremental refactoring, letting you focus on evolving your applications into microservices. The refactor environment without a network bridge helps accelerate app refactoring by making it easier to experiment with different refactor approaches. Commonly used refactor approaches include incrementally transforming your monolithic applications to microservices, extending applications with new microservices, and refactoring the application’s account structure as a first refactoring step.

This new feature is available in all Regions Refactor Spaces is available. To get started with your first refactor environment, see these resources: