Posted On: Apr 5, 2023

AWS App Runner adds 7 new compute configurations to the App Runner service settings. App Runner makes it easier for developers to quickly deploy containerized web applications and APIs to the cloud, at scale, and without having to manage infrastructure. With App Runner, you do not have to manage any load balancers and auto-scaling groups. When you create an App Runner service, you select a compute configuration, a combination of vCPU and compute memory, for your web application or API, and define maximum concurrency, the maximum number of concurrent requests one application instance can process. App Runner automatically scales your application instances based on concurrent requests that your App Runner service receives.

Until now, App Runner supported 4 compute configurations at 1 vCPU with 2 GB, 3 GB, and 4 GB compute memory, and 2 vCPU with 4 GB compute memory. Starting today, you can pick from 11 compute configurations starting at 0.25 vCPU (512 MB memory) and up to 4 vCPU (12 GB memory). You can now save cost by choosing a lower compute configuration for applications that are not compute intensive such as a single threaded application that does not need a full vCPU. You can also choose a larger compute configuration such as 4 vCPU (12 GB memory) for compute intensive applications such as data processing and ML inference applications.

To learn more about App Runner supported compute configurations and pricing, see AWS App Runner Pricing. To learn more about App Runner, see the AWS App Runner Developer Guide.