Posted On: Apr 11, 2023

AWS AppSync is a managed service for building scalable APIs that connect applications to data and events. Developers can now use the new AppSync EventBridge data source target in their AppSync API to easily publish events generated from their applications, such as shopping cart actions, to subscribers of an event bus powered by Amazon EventBridge. 

With AppSync, developers write functions contained in pipeline resolvers to connect the types, fields, or operations defined in a GraphQL schema to their data sources. Native AppSync data sources for common targets, like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon OpenSearch, and Amazon Lambda, handle the heavy lifting of building the business logic those functions require to query and update data. With the new AppSync EventBridge data source, it is now easier to write functions that publish API updates as events to an event bus powered by EventBridge. 

The native AppSync EventBridge datasource is available in all AWS regions supported by AppSync. For more details, refer to the AppSync documentation.