Posted On: Apr 26, 2023

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect now provides a set of evaluation capabilities (GA) that enable contact center managers to create evaluation forms with criteria (e.g., agent adherence to talk scripts or compliance with sensitive data collection practices) that can be scored using Contact Lens’ machine learning powered speech analytics, and view aggregated agent performance results. Contact centers can also use public APIs to ingest data (e.g., customer satisfaction scores, sales records, etc.) from third-party sources such as CSAT survey tools or CRM systems, and have all relevant agent performance data and insights across cohorts of agents over time, in a single easy-to-use web interface.

Managers can now assess aggregated agent performance results alongside contact details, recordings, transcripts, and summaries, without the need to switch applications. They can receive automated notifications when an evaluation is completed, and can search for evaluation results based on a set of criteria such as evaluation scores. These alerts and analytics enable managers to assess more agent/customer interactions while reducing the amount of time they spend identifying performance issues and coaching agents to perform their best.

Contact Lens’ evaluation capabilities are currently available in all the AWS Regions where Contact Lens is already available.

To get started, please visit our help documentation or our website on Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. To learn more about Contact Lens pricing, visit the Amazon Connect pricing page.