Posted On: Apr 20, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of Amazon CodeCatalyst, a unified software development service that makes it easier for you to quickly build and deliver applications on AWS. CodeCatalyst provides everything you need to start planning, coding, building, testing, and deploying applications on AWS with a streamlined, integrated experience. With CodeCatalyst, you can spend more time developing application features and less time setting up project tools, creating and managing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, provisioning and configuring development and deployment environments, and onboarding team members to their projects.

CodeCatalyst has additional new features, such as the ability to use AWS Graviton for CI/CD workflows and deployment environments, which can result in significant cost savings. If you have already established code and tooling in GitHub, you can create a project from a linked GitHub repository, which developers can then work in using Dev Environments. Work can be tracked by linking issues with pull requests, making it easier to track and understand changes to code. You can choose from two new blueprints when creating projects: Intelligent Document Processing and Static Website frameworks.

CodeCatalyst is available in the US West (Oregon) AWS Region, but can deploy workloads to any public Region worldwide. Multiple AWS accounts can be connected to CodeCatalyst spaces in order to better manage and control access to deployments in different environments such as dev, test, staging, and production.

Get started building with CodeCatalyst in minutes with the AWS Free Tier. To learn more, visit the DevOps blog, CodeCatalyst documentation, and FAQs. Don’t miss Developer Innovation Day, a one-day online event highlighting CodeCatalyst featuring keynotes, executive insights, new product updates, and customer stories.