Posted On: Apr 4, 2023

Today, we are announcing general availability of macOS support for AWS Amplify for Swift (v2.7.1)! This launch allows developers to build cloud-connected apps for iOS and macOS apps. Developers can now leverage the power of the AWS Amplify across iOS and macOS platforms for production workloads. We will be announcing support for watchOS and tvOS in future releases of the library.

Starting today, developers can use Amplify Library for Swift via the Swift Package Manager to build apps for iOS and macOS platforms with Auth, Storage, Geo and more features. Developers will continue to have access to the same Amplify Command Line Interface (CLI) tools to configure and manage their cloud resources. With the Amplify Library for Swift, developers will also have direct access to the underlying AWS SDK for Swift through the escape hatch to unlock additional capabilities from AWS services.

You can follow this blog post on how to use Amplify for your Swift project targeting macOS. You can also refer to Amplify Library for Swift documentation to learn more.

Swift, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS are trademarks of Apple Inc.