Posted On: May 24, 2023

Today, Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) announces enhancements to its dedicated IPs (managed) feature. Dedicated IPs (managed) helps customers to grow, manage and maintain their sending reputation via exclusive IP addresses without the heavy lifting associated with provisioning and managing dedicated IPs. With this release, customers can view metrics about their dedicated IPs (managed), getting greater visibility into how their dedicated IPs are performing, can create up to 50 dedicated IPs (managed) pools, and can easily convert their dedicated IP (standard) IPs into dedicated IPs (managed).

SES customers can now view metrics such as; volume and percentage of emails sent via dedicated IPs, the sending capacity of their dedicated IPs, and the receiving capacity of the top 10 ISPs. This information is available within the SES console, making it easy to access and analyze. Customers can now create up to 50 dedicated IP pools, providing the ability to better segment their sending and protect their reputation. Finally, SES customers with dedicated IPs (standard) can convert their standard IPs pools to dedicated IPs (managed) in one click, providing them with all of the benefits of dedicated IPs (managed) whilst keeping their current dedicated IPs (standard) IPs.

Dedicated IPs (managed) is available in all regions where Amazon SES is available.

To learn more about dedicated IPs (managed) from Amazon SES, visit this page.