Posted On: May 25, 2023

AWS AppSync enables developers to build serverless, scalable and performant GraphQL APIs that are designed to securely connect their apps to data and events. Today, we announce the general availability of Merged APIs, which enable GraphQL schema composition and federation for AppSync APIs.

A Merged API is a single GraphQL API composed from multiple source GraphQL APIs, representing different services or data sources. With a Merged API an organization can provide a single API schema to data consumers, while enabling independent evolution of sub-schemas by the teams that are most familiar with its related data domain. For teams sharing development of a single AppSync API, the Merged APIs feature allows them to collaborate seamlessly while operating independently.

Merged APIs provide built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions, multiple auth modes, custom domains, Private APIs, and observability with AWS CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray integration. Merged API support is available in all AWS regions supported by AppSync. Learn more in our how-to-blog or read our documentation to get started.