Posted On: May 25, 2023

Today, AWS released new version 1.28 of AWS Copilot with support of a new Static Site pattern, that makes it easier to deploy single page web applications on AWS. AWS Copilot is a command-line interface (CLI) that makes it easier for customers to build, deploy, and operate containerized applications on AWS by providing common application architecture and infrastructure patterns, user-friendly operational workflows, and configuring deployment pipelines.

Customers can get a single-page static website created by simply running copilot svc init -t Static Site. Previously, customers could only build dynamic websites that relied on server-side rendering and lacked a convenient pattern to create static sites or single page applications using AWS Copilot. The new Static Site pattern simplifies the multi-step process of creating a Amazon CloudFront distribution, AWS S3 bucket, AWS Certificate Manager certificate, Amazon Route 53 records, and uploading local assets. With this launch, developers can define static websites along with their other existing Amazon Elastic Container Service and AWS App Runner services.

This feature is available with AWS Copilot version 1.28+. You can install the latest version of the AWS Copilot by following the instructions in the documentation