Posted On: May 3, 2023

AWS is pleased to announce an enhancement to the AWS Well-Architected (WA) Tool integration with AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry (AR). This integration allows customers to now filter their AWS Trusted Advisor checks based on resources defined within application, helping surface the most relevant checks in the Well-Architected console.

In addition to adding an application to an existing workload in WA, customers can also view their workload ARN, workload name, and medium and high risk counts per application within the AppRegistry Console, making it easier to see which applications have Well-Architected reviews associated with them.

This launch is available for customers in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (N. California, Oregon), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm), South America (Sao Paulo), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong), Middle East (Bahrain), and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. The ability to reference Well-Architected metadata in AppRegistry is not available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

 Review the AWS Well-Architected documentation to get started.