Posted On: May 19, 2023

Today, AWS Marketplace announced General availability of two Amazon QuickSight dashboards for AWS Marketplace sellers. Sellers can now access the billed revenue dashboard and collections & disbursements dashboard from the Insights tab of AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). Previously, sellers could access their business data via downloadable CSV reports on AMMP. Now, the sellers can view, analyze and track key trends and metrics in a visualized manner on QuickSight dashboards on AMMP.

The dashboards are based on sellers' all-time historical sales and have daily refreshed data. They are pre-built with more than 5 key business metrics (such as gross revenue, gross refund, net revenue, amount disbursed, wholesale cost), more than 10 filter controls (such as invoice ID, invoice date, offer ID, subscriber geography and company name), and over 15 visualizations on billing and disbursement trends. Sellers can download the granular data directly from the dashboard in CSV or Excel formats.

To learn more about the dashboards and how to get started, please review the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.