Posted On: Jun 13, 2023

Amazon OpenSearch Service now supports a new ‘skip unavailable’ setting for cross cluster search connections. If skip unavailable is enabled on connections, cross-cluster search ignores any remote cluster that might not available during the search.

Cross-cluster search enables you to perform searches and aggregations across multiple domains with a single query, or from a single OpenSearch Dashboard interface. Previously, if a remote cluster that was part of a cross-cluster search query was unavailable, the entire query will fail. With the new skip unavailable setting enabled for a connection, the query will ignore the remote cluster which might be unavailable and show results from the remaining clusters serving the query. The ‘skip unavailable’ setting also ignores errors like unavailable shards or indices on the remote cluster. 

You can enable the new setting when creating a new outbound connection through the AWS Management Console, command line interface (CLI), or the AWS software development kit (AWS SDK). Please refer to documentation for more details.

Cross-cluster search is available on Amazon OpenSearch Service domains in all AWS regions globally where Amazon OpenSearch service is available. Please refer to the AWS Region Table for more information about Amazon OpenSearch Service availability.