Posted On: Jun 8, 2023

Today, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) announces support for dead-letter queue redrive via AWS SDK or Command Line Interface (CLI). Dead-letter queue redrive is an enhanced capability to improve the dead-letter queue management experience for Amazon SQS customers. Now, customers can use AWS SDK or CLI to move messages from the dead-letter queue to programmatically manage the lifecycle of their unconsumed messages at scale. 

Customers increasingly use distributed systems with event-driven architectures, making their applications more efficient, scalable, and reliable. Sometimes errors occur in the distributed systems, such as a consumer is not able to successfully consume the messages from the queue. In such error cases, Amazon SQS moves the unconsumed message to a dead-letter queue, if configured. This enables customers to inspect messages that are not consumed successfully and debug their application failures without losing any messages. To programmatically automate dead-letter queue message redrive workflows, customers can now use the following actions: 

1) StartMessageMoveTask, to start a new message movement task from the dead-letter queue;
2) CancelMessageMoveTask, to cancel the message movement task;
3) ListMessageMoveTasks, to get 10 most recent message movement tasks for a specified source queue.

Getting started with the dead-letter queue redrive via AWS SDK and CLI is easy. See SQS Documentation for more information on how to programmatically automate dead-letter queue redrive using the AWS SDK and/or CLI. 

Dead-letter queue redrive via AWS SDK and CLI is available in all commercial AWS Regions where Amazon SQS is available.