Posted On: Jun 7, 2023

AWS CloudFormation StackSets is updating the deployment experience for CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, IMPORT TO STACKSET, and DRIFT stack set operations to skip suspended AWS accounts during deployments. With this launch, StackSets will skip target AWS accounts that are suspended and flag the corresponding stack instances as SKIPPED_SUSPENDED_ACCOUNT instead of FAILED. Customers suspend their AWS accounts for reasons such as reducing usage of cloud resources for non-production environments during periods of low demand. This feature enhances deployment speed of stack set operations and reduces the number of FAILED stack set operations. 

Customers use StackSets for bootstrapping AWS accounts, deploying cross-account applications, setting up disaster recovery with AWS Backup, and scaling cloud infrastructure. Now, customers get granular status information on their stack instances with the new SKIPPED_SUSPENDED_ACCOUNT status code. This feature will help customers target AWS accounts, AWS Organizations or Organizational Units (OUs) without worrying about the number of suspended AWS accounts in target group. Previously, suspended AWS accounts would result in higher counts of FAILED stack instances that contribute towards the failure tolerance for stack set operations. Customers use failure tolerance as a threshold to ensure the resilience and reliability of their stack set deployments. Customers now do not have to worry about suspended AWS accounts adding to failure tolerance.

This feature is available in AWS Regions where AWS CloudFormation StackSets is available. Refer to the AWS Region table to see AWS Regions where StackSets is available. Visit CloudFormation user guide to see the list of stack instance status code for StackSets.