Posted On: Jun 2, 2023

Today, AWS Marketplace launched fine-grained IAM permissions to enable AWS Marketplace sellers to precisely control access to various features in AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). AWS Marketplace sellers, including Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and channel partners, can now provide granular access to data and various features such as controlling which users can update tax information in AMMP within their organizations. This launch will enable granular permissions management for sellers in AMMP and will have a consistent authorization model across all AWS services that work with IAM.

At launch, sellers’ IT admin teams can write IAM policies controlling access at the granularity of individual actions and data in AMMP. There is no action required from sellers using AWS Marketplace managed policies, as these policies are automatically updated. However, if you do not use AWS Marketplace managed policies, you need to add new permissions to benefit from this granular access. To learn the benefits and details of this granular access, please review fine-grained permissions in AWS Marketplace.