Posted On: Jun 16, 2023

AWS Partners now have deeper insights into their Amazon Web Services (AWS) business through AWS Partner Analytics Dashboard, accessible from AWS Partner Central. The dashboard provides Alliance Leads for partners at the Validated or Differentiated with a 360-degree view of their AWS business, including opportunity pipeline, funding benefits, and pipeline revenue.

With a consolidated view, the Partner Analytics Dashboard provides transparency into the data needed to evaluate and maximize business growth—reducing operational effort and time to recognizing revenue. Business insights include win/loss trends, geographic strengths/weaknesses, and key attributes that drive AWS referrals. The dashboard is customizable by metrics and date ranges, which provides flexibility to align with how partners manage their business. In the dashboard, users can:

  • Review historical sales and opportunity trends in customized, time-bound intervals broken out by partner originated and AWS originated opportunities.
  • Forecast estimated pipeline future revenue through quantitative insights on leads, opportunities, and conversion success rates.
  • Track and measure the approved cash, credits, and discounts (Investments) they may receive from AWS along their partner journey.

Explore this dashboard through AWS Partner Central, via the Analytics tab in the navigation bar. Leave us a feedback or feature request on the dashboard’s ‘Feedback’ button. To review FAQs and to learn more about the dashboard’s functionality and data logics see the dashboard’s resource folder (login required).