Posted On: Jun 6, 2023

We are excited to announce Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail, a new interactive log analytics experience feature that helps you detect and debug anomalies in applications. You can now view your logs interactively in real-time as they’re ingested, which helps you to analyze and resolve issues across your systems and applications.

Live Tail provides customers a rich out-of-the-box experience to view and detect issues in their incoming logs. Additionally, it provides fine-grained controls to filter, highlight attributes of interest, and pause/replay logs while troubleshooting issues. Using Live Tail, DevOps teams can quickly validate if a process has correctly started, impact of configuration changes, or if a new deployment has gone smoothly.

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail is available in all AWS Commercial regions.

Start exploring and analyzing your logs in real-time using Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail. To learn more, visit Amazon CloudWatch features or read Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail Documentation. For pricing details, check Amazon CloudWatch Pricing - view and analyze your logs using CloudWatch Logs Live Tail for an example of pricing. Check out the the AWS Cloud Operations blog to discover more about Live Tail.