Posted On: Jul 19, 2023

Today, AWS announces support for starting Amazon CodeCatalyst workflows based on pull request events in linked GitHub repositories. When a workflow is triggered by a GitHub-based pull request, users will also be able to see the name of the PR that triggered it in the CodeCatalyst workflows UI, and click a link that takes them directly to the pull request in GitHub.

CodeCatalyst projects can use source repositories that are either part of CodeCatalyst or hosted on GitHub, which enables users to use CodeCatalyst without needing to move their code to a new repository. CodeCatalyst workflows perform build, test, and deployment activities in a project, and can be triggered by push and pull request events that happen in the source repository that hosts it. With this release, CodeCatalyst now supports triggering workflows when pull requests in a linked GitHub repository are opened, revised, or closed.

To learn more, see Using GitHub repositories with CodeCatalyst, and Working with workflow triggers in the Amazon CodeCatalyst User Guide.