Posted On: Jul 27, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of two new AWS SimSpace Weaver features.

First, we’re launching support for custom container images. Before today, all SimSpace Weaver applications ran on standard Amazon Linux 2 (AL2) containers in the cloud and included any dependencies for the simulation apps as part of the app zip files. Developers can now use their own AL2-based images stored in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR). The image can include the dependencies, which can help reduce app file sizes and shorten upload times. The result is faster development iteration.

We’re also providing developers an additional setting for their simulation tick rate. Previously, developers set the upper limit for their simulation tick rate at 10, 15, or 30Hz. With today’s update, developers can now enable SimSpace Weaver to advance the simulation as fast as possible by setting their simulation tick rate to “unlimited". Using this setting can help reduce simulation time for scenarios that do not need real-time visualization or interaction.

These new features for SimSpace Weaver are available in ten AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), AWS GovCloud (US-East), AWS GovCloud (US-West), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (Stockholm).

Learn more about using customer container images or the new clock setting today.