Posted On: Jul 25, 2023

Amazon Web Services customers can now get detailed health metrics and analysis of their multi-application deployments residing in the same instance with Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights. CloudWatch Application Insights helps customers gain actionable insights for their application environment and AWS resources by making it easy to set up and monitor applications, recognize problems, and use data to make decisions. 

A common use case for CloudWatch Application Insights’ enterprise customers is to monitor one application under one component. For example, customers have one EC2 instance where they run their application and another instance for their database. If customers want to deploy and monitor more than one application in an instance, or if the applications require a single instance, they can now do that and get individual metrics and logs for each application. Customers who would like to monitor multiple applications such as SQL Server or Java when running under one EC2 instance in their production or test environments are now supported. Multiple applications can be added either as part of the standard easy setup process or by modifying an existing application set up.

The support for multi workloads in CloudWatch Application Insights is available in all AWS commercial regions. For information on pricing, see Amazon CloudWatch Pricing.

For additional information, see the Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights pages.

07/28/2023 - This post has been updated to remove an inaccurate use case.