Posted On: Jul 26, 2023

Amazon Bedrock now supports agents, a new, fully managed capability, that enables generative AI applications to complete tasks in just a few clicks – based on organization data and user input without any manual code. Agents for Bedrock orchestrate interactions between FMs, data sources, software applications, and users and automatically execute APIs. Developers can easily integrate the agents and accelerate delivery of generative AI applications saving weeks of development effort.

While FMs are incredibly powerful and have a robust understanding of natural language, they alone cannot complete tasks, like booking a flight or processing an insurance claim, for a couple reasons. First, these types of use cases require more recent, company-specific data. FMs are unable to access up-to-date knowledge sources out-of-the-box. Second, they’re unable to take specific actions to fulfill requests without a lot of manual programming. Agents for Amazon Bedrock is a new fully managed capability that makes it easier for developers to create generative-AI based applications that can deliver up-to-date answers based on proprietary knowledge sources and complete tasks for a wide range of use cases. With just a few clicks, agents for Amazon Bedrock automatically break down tasks and create an orchestration plan—without any manual coding. The agent securely connects to company data through a simple API, automatically converting data into a machine-readable format, and augmenting the request with relevant information to generate a more accurate response. Agents can also automatically call APIs to fulfill a user’s request. As a fully managed capability, agents for Amazon Bedrock remove the undifferentiated lifting of managing system integration and infrastructure provisioning, allowing customers to leverage generative AI to its full extent throughout their business. 

Agents for Amazon Bedrock is now available in preview in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) Regions.

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