Posted On: Aug 30, 2023

AWS App Runner adds support to deploy services directly from source code stored in Bitbucket repository. App Runner makes it easier for developers to quickly deploy web applications and APIs to the cloud, at scale, and without having to manage infrastructure.

You can deploy App Runner services directly from your source code stored in a source code repository or from your application container image stored in Amazon Elastic Container Registry. With source code based deployments in App Runner, you do not need to manage build and deployment pipelines. App Runner builds the container image of your application(s) and runs it in AWS cloud. Until now, App Runner only supported GitHub as source code repository target. Starting today, you can deploy your source code based App Runner service(s) from Bitbucket and GitHub.

To deploy your source code to an App Runner service from Bitbucket, you first need to create a Bitbucket connection resource using App Runner console or CreateConnection API. Bitbucket connection is a reusable resource that establishes a connection between your private repository and App Runner. To learn more about source code based service deployment in App Runner, see AWS App Runner service based on source code. To learn more about App Runner, visit our product page.