Posted On: Aug 21, 2023

AWS re:Post is a cloud knowledge service that provides customers the technical guidance they need to innovate faster and improve operational efficiency with AWS. Today, re:Post launches an enhanced search experience to help users locate answers and discover articles more quickly. When submitting a search query, users are presented search results in a consolidated view of all AWS knowledge on re:Post. The view shows AWS Knowledge Center articles, question and answers, and community articles that are relevant to the user’s search query.

With this enhanced search experience, re:Post users have more control over search results to obtain the right information. To narrow a search, users can filter results by content type located on separate tabs. Users can further filter questions to see unanswered questions, questions with unverified answers, and answered questions (questions with verified answers). An answer is verified when a question author accepts the answer, or an expert reviews it. The question subfilter helps re:Post users and community experts quickly locate search results, whether they’re looking for high-quality answers or looking to review answers. Users can also use up to five re:Post tags to filter search results. Tags include AWS services, use cases, features, or operating systems. Users can bookmark re:Post search filters to share them with others, or use them for future reference.

Visit AWS re:Post today to start using the enhanced search experience.