Posted On: Aug 1, 2023

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor now allows you to customize thresholds for when to trigger a health event for the internet-facing traffic between your end users and your applications hosted on AWS. The default threshold for overall availability and performance scores to trigger a health event is 95%. Now, you can set a custom threshold for the availability score, performance score, or both. If your application is at or below the performance or availability threshold, you receive a notification of a health event that includes the impacted location and network provider (ASN). 

In addition to setting custom overall thresholds, you can also specify thresholds to trigger for local geographies. Then, you receive health event notifications when any localized performance or availability meets or drops below those thresholds as well. By setting local thresholds, you can be alerted to issues occurring in areas that are important to your business but might not trigger based on global thresholds.

Configuring customizable thresholds in Internet Monitor is straightforward. To learn more, see the developer documentation.