Posted On: Sep 19, 2023

Amazon Lookout for Equipment is an ML industrial equipment monitoring service that detects abnormal equipment behavior so you can act and avoid unplanned downtime. Lookout for Equipment uses your unique ML model(s) and in real-time helps accurately identify early warning signs that could lead to machine failures. This helps you detect equipment abnormalities with speed and precision, quickly diagnose issues, and take action to reduce expensive downtime.

We are excited to announce that customers can now retrain their existing Lookout fore Equipment ML models. Previously, when customers needed to update a Lookout for Equipment model with new equipment data, the entire model had to be deleted and rebuilt. With this new capability, we now offer customers the ability to schedule a retraining of their model on a periodic basis, thus automating what previously was a manual process. This feature will allow Lookout for Equipment customers to improve their ML model(s) with the latest data.

To learn more, visit the Lookout for Equipment product page and more about this capability, see our Retraining documentation. This new set of capabilities is available in all Regions where Amazon Lookout for Equipment is publicly available.