Posted On: Sep 7, 2023

Today, we are excited to announce the new quick Studio setup for Amazon SageMaker. This new quick setup allows you to create SageMaker Studio with default pre-sets in minutes for individual users.

The new quick Studio setup experience for Amazon SageMaker provides a new onboarding and administration experience that makes it easy for individual users to setup and manage SageMaker Studio. Today, individual users, who are new and/or just looking for a basic managed notebook experience on the cloud, need to understand and configure concepts like IAM, domains, VPC first to create their Studio environment. With the new onboarding experience, you can now create SageMaker Studio profile with a few clicks using default pre-sets (e.g. SMFullAccess role, IAM auth, and public internet only mode). Once in Studio, you will immediately have access to the JupyterLab IDE and SageMaker tools like Experiments, Data Wrangler, and Model Registry.

Amazon SageMaker Quick setup for individual users is available in all Amazon Web Services regions where Amazon SageMaker is currently available, except the Amazon Web Services GovCloud (US) regions.

To get started, refer to the Amazon SageMaker Quick Studio Setup.