Posted On: Sep 28, 2023

AWS App Runner now supports deploying services from source code repositories that follow a monorepo structure. App Runner makes it easier for developers to quickly deploy containerized web applications and APIs to the cloud, at scale, and without managing infrastructure. With App Runner build-from-source capability you can offload the build and deployment workflow management to App Runner and deploy services directly from source code. App Runner provides convenient platform-specific managed runtimes. Each one of these runtimes builds a container image from your source code, and adds language runtime dependencies into your application container image.

Until now, App Runner only supported the root directory of the source code repository to run build and start commands. Now, you can define a source directory of the repository in your App Runner service configuration. App Runner will execute the build and run commands from the defined source directory. This is beneficial if you are developing a modern application following a micro-services based architecture and managing your application code in a mono-repository. You can also enable automatic deployment for your services. With automatic deployment enabled, App Runner will rebuild and deploy a service when there is any update in the source directory or dependency of your service.

To learn more about this feature, see this deep-dive blog post. For more information about build-from-source capability in App Runner, see the App Runner service based on source code chapter in the AWS App Runner Developer Guide. To learn more about App Runner, visit the product page.