Posted On: Sep 26, 2023

Today, AWS Lake Formation announces the general availability of Hybrid Access Mode for AWS Glue Data Catalog. This feature provides you the flexibility to selectively enable Lake Formation for databases and tables in your AWS Glue Data Catalog. Before this launch, you had to move all existing users of a table into Lake Formation in a single step, which required a certain amount of coordination among data owners and data consumers. With the Hybrid Access Mode, you now have an incremental path wherein you can enable Lake Formation for a specific set of users without interrupting other existing users or workloads.

To use the Hybrid Access Mode, you register the Amazon S3 location of your dataset with Lake Formation with the Hybrid Access Mode flag. For the specific users and consumer accounts you wish to enable Lake Formation, you first grant appropriate Lake Formation permissions and then explicitly opt-in those users into Lake Formation. Only for the opted-in users, access to their tables will be managed by Lake Formation without any interruption to other users and workloads accessing the same tables directly through AWS IAM/S3 policies. With Hybrid Access Mode, you can avoid duplicating your datasets to enable different use-cases with different access mechanism.

Hybrid Access Mode is available in all commercial regions where AWS Lake Formation and Glue Data Catalog are available. To get started on Hybrid Access Mode, refer to our documention page.