Posted On: Sep 19, 2023

Today, we launched four usability improvements and enhancements in the AWS Management Console. Usability improvements include descriptive page titles and high resolution favicons that display in the browser tab for an AWS Console page. We also updated the Navigation bar to include a display option for favorite icon size and a new settings menu. With this launch, the link to Unified Settings is moving from the account menu to the new settings menu shown as the gear icon in the navigation bar.

Now tabs in AWS Console supported browsers will display a high resolution favicon and the page title includes page name, service name, and AWS Region to quickly identify the correct tab in your browser. In addition, you can choose a larger icon size in display settings to more easily see the unique service icons in the favorites bar on higher resolution monitors. You can also change your default language and visual mode in a single step and without leaving your current page by selecting the new gear icon in the navigation bar.

These improvements are available in all public AWS Regions. To experience these improvements, visit the AWS Management Console