Posted On: Sep 1, 2023

AWS Marketplace customers can now view AWS CloudTrail logs to monitor procurement activity for their AWS Marketplace subscriptions (agreements). Customers can view activity logs anytime a user in the AWS Account subscribes or unsubscribes to an AWS Marketplace SaaS, AMI, container, or professional services product. This visibility will provide improved security & governance to account administrators or procurement/finance users. Logs include:

  1. [Subscribe] Creation of any new agreement (by accepting an offer)
  2. [Subscribe] Amendment of an existing agreement (such as increasing units of a dimension/instance type, or changing auto-renewal status)
  3. [Subscribe] Replacement of an existing agreement by another agreement (by accepting an ‘Agreement Based Offer’)
  4. [Unsubscribe] Cancellation of an existing agreement from the Marketplace Console

Logs will be available across Subscribe/Unsubscribe Actions across any Offer Type (Public, Private or Channel Partner), as well as all Pricing Types. Customers can use CloudTrail to monitor all procurement activity occurring in their AWS Account, including which IAM User/Role executed an action, what action occurred, when it occurred, and how the account’s resources were affected. Additional details can be found AWS Marketplace Documentation here.

Customers can access their CloudTrail logs through the CloudTrail console, or through the AWS CLI. Additionally, customers will be able to leverage additional CloudTrail functionality, such as setting up Trails or governing who can access CloudTrail, all through the CloudTrail Console. Additional information on how to use CloudTrail can be found in CloudTrail public documentation here.