Posted On: Sep 12, 2023

Today, AWS announces the general availability of custom notifications in AWS Chatbot. Customers can use AWS Chatbot custom notifications to define and add additional information in the notifications to monitor the health and performance of their AWS applications in Microsoft Teams and Slack channels. 

Customers can now add additional information to these notifications such as number of orders or current throttling limits. By defining notifications and including additional contextual information, customers can be more informed when they receive a notification and respond quicker. The notifications can include application specific details, tag team members, and include remediation steps. 

To receive custom notifications in chat channels, customers send a custom notification event in a specific schema format to an SNS topic. Customers can generate these events by writing a Lambda function or using EventBridge Input Transformers. AWS Chatbot monitors the SNS topic and delivers custom notifications to the configured Microsoft Teams or Slack chat channels.

Get started with custom notifications by visiting the AWS Chatbot console and installing the AWS Chatbot apps for Microsoft Teams and Slack. You can configure and use custom notifications at no additional cost. This feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Chatbot service is offered. To learn more about custom notifications in AWS Chatbot, visit the AWS Chatbot documentation or the AWS Chatbot product page.