Posted On: Oct 17, 2023

Today, Amazon Web Services announces support for scheduling Amazon CodeCatalyst workflows to be run at predetermined times. A workflow is an automated procedure that describes how to build, test, and deploy your code as part of a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) system. A workflow defines a series of steps, or actions, to take during a workflow run. This launch allows you to add a cron expression to a workflow, providing a way to start workflows at set times. For example, you could schedule a workflow run to start every day at midnight.

Until now, workflows could be started manually and when code updates were pushed. With scheduled workflow triggers, development teams have another way to kick off workflows and support their organization’s requirements.

This feature is available in all Regions where CodeCatalyst is generally available. To learn more, see the scheduled workflow triggers documentation in the Amazon CodeCatalyst User Guide.