Posted On: Oct 4, 2023

Amazon EKS Extended Support for Kubernetes Versions is now available in preview. Starting with Kubernetes v1.23, you can now use a Kubernetes version for up to 26 months from the time the version is generally available from Amazon EKS.

Amazon EKS follows the Kubernetes project release cycle. For the first 14 months after a minor version is released as generally available, it is covered under standard support. Now, Amazon EKS Extended Support gives an 12 additional months of support for each Kubernetes minor version, for a total of 26 months of support. During the Extended Support period, Amazon EKS will continue to provide security patches for the Kubernetes control plane. In addition, Amazon EKS will release critical patches for the Amazon VPC CNI, kube-proxy, and CoreDNS add-ons, AWS-published EKS Optimized AMIs for Amazon Linux and Bottlerocket, and EKS Fargate nodes.

Amazon EKS Extended Support for Kubernetes versions is available in preview starting with Kubernetes version 1.23 in all AWS commercial regions. Clusters automatically enter Extended Support, so there is no additional action you need to take for your EKS clusters running version 1.23 or higher. During the preview, there is no additional charge to use Extended Support, you continue to pay $0.10 per hour for each Amazon EKS cluster. 

Learn more about Amazon EKS Extended Support for Kubernetes Versions in our blog. Track the support lifecycle dates for EKS Kubernetes Versions in the Amazon EKS user guide.