Posted On: Oct 2, 2023

You can now run OpenSearch version 2.9 in Amazon OpenSearch Service. With OpenSearch 2.9, we have made several improvements to Search, Observability, Security analytics, and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in OpenSearch Service.

The new version includes features that were launched as part of open source OpenSearch versions 2.8 and 2.9. Some of the key improvements include introduction of search pipelines, which help build a chain of search processors to integrate components such as query rewriters and results rerankers, neural search plugin to power applications like semantic search, a new ML Framework that makes it simpler to integrate external ML models. OpenSearch’s vector search capabilities now includes three enhancements: support for pre-filtering using the Facebook AI Similarity Search (FAISS) engine, an update to optimize native memory allocations offers stability improvements for large workloads, and an update to Apache Lucene that optimizes write performance for k-NN indexes. With this release, Security Analytics now provides a correlation engine and support for Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), to help you respond faster to potential security threats. Other improvements include support for composite monitors for anomaly detection, simpler access to alerts and anomaly detection from Dashboards, aggregation support for geoshape data types, and Piped Processing Language (PPL) support for cross-cluster search queries.

For information on upgrading to OpenSearch 2.9, please see this documentation. OpenSearch 2.9 is now available in all AWS Regions where Amazon OpenSearch service is available.