Posted On: Oct 23, 2023

Today, AWS re:Post launches Selections, a feature that organizes AWS knowledge for a specific topic, technical issue, or use case. For example, Selections can aggregate content based on a topic such as “Configure CORS in Amazon S3”, a technical issue such as “Troubleshoot the Amazon S3 403 Access Denied error”, or a use case such as “Migrating Windows workloads to AWS.” To date, re:Post has published 10 Selections. re:Post community members with 5,000+ points can publish new Selections. 

Selections allows community members to organize knowledge in an aggregated view on re:Post to create learning paths or curated content sets. This feature lets you consolidate information from diverse AWS content resources, such as re:Post Knowledge Center articles, re:Post community articles, AWS Blogs, AWS Documentation, AWS Prescriptive Guidance, and videos. Selections helps you quickly locate answers to your questions and provides relevant information to deepen your knowledge. All re:Post users can access Selections, but you must create a re:Post profile to follow, comment, upvote, or otherwise engage.

Visit AWS re:Post today to check out Selections.