Posted On: Oct 6, 2023

Catalog API (CAPI) introduced a new request/response attribute “DetailsDocument” that accepts and returns a JSON object. As a developer, building on top of the APIs, you can send JSON object in CAPI StartChangeSet API request and get a JSON object in the response of DescribeEntity and DescribeChangeSet API. This capability will exist along side the current experience of sending and receiving a string object in the “Details” attribute of StartChangeSet, DescribeChangeSet and DescribeEntity APIs respectively.

This release will benefit all sellers that are looking for a better way to send their requests rather than stringifying their JSON object for the “Details” attribute in StartChangeSet API or parsing a string into a JSON object in the response of DescribeEntity API. If you are a seller that has already integrated with the APIs, you can continue using the “Details” attribute. All newly onboarding sellers are advised to use the new attribute when integrating with StartChangeSet, DescribeChangeSet and DescribeEntity APIs.