Posted On: Nov 10, 2023

With the new security dashboard, you can now enable, monitor, and manage common security protections for your web applications directly from the Amazon CloudFront console. Built for customers that need unified management of their application delivery and security, the interactive security dashboard brings AWS WAF visibility and controls directly to your CloudFront distribution, including visibility into your application’s top security trends, allowed and blocked traffic, and bot activity. Investigative tools like a visual log analyzer and built-in blocking controls make it easy to isolate traffic patterns and block traffic without querying logs or writing security rules.

The CloudFront security dashboard is designed to make it simple and convenient to enable common security protections, monitor and investigate traffic, and mitigate traffic anomalies and threats. The unified experience centers around high-level workflows so you can focus on making decisions and taking actions inline without writing security rules. For example, visually search AWS WAF logs stored in Amazon CloudWatch without writing queries. Dynamic visual cues like aggregation by IP address, country, HTTP method, and URI path simplify the investigative process while visual blocking actions make it easy to apply mitigating actions in one click.

The CloudFront security dashboard is now available in the CloudFront console. Standard pricing for AWS WAF and Amazon CloudWatch apply. You can estimate the price of AWS WAF security protections or Amazon CloudWatch logs using built-in pricing calculators when making selections. Additional insights and configuration are available in the AWS WAF console. To learn more, refer to the CloudFront Security Dashboard Launch Blog or the CloudFront Developer Guide.